The Best Ticket Resale Sites

best ticket resale sites

The Best Ticket Resale Sites

There are a variety of ticket resale sites out there, but which are the best? We’ve reviewed a few of the top ones, like Razorgator, StubHub, and Live Nation. Which one is your favorite? Check out the article to learn more! This article will cover the top ticket resale websites that cater to every event as well as their advantages and drawbacks. These sites to find tickets that cannot be found in other places.


The StubHub system functions as a platform that allows ticket sellers to list seats for big event on the site. Customers can select either general admission or exclusive seats. The system also offers the option of indicating the venue and other attributes of the tickets. An individual code is provided by the seller that provides access to private messaging boards. The code enables both seller and buyer to speak between themselves without having to be in direct contact.

StubHub can be described as the best and reliable resale website for tickets. Its interface is user-friendly as well as secure. Sellers can determine the most appropriate price , without needing to negotiate directly with buyers. The site also provides delivery services with fees varying dependent on the location where the tickets are coming from. The parent company of StubHub, eBay, is a major online auction house, as well as general e-commerce marketplace. Even though StubHub and eBay are not the similar, both are specialized in reselling tickets.

Though StubHub may be the biggest site for reselling tickets however, it’s not the ideal choice for local events. The buyer-seller model means it’s not a good choice for anyone seeking to sell an reputable ticket resellers enormous number of tickets to a small number of people. Also, it’s difficult to interact with buyers and seller, making the website not suitable for big-scale sales. StubHub is a fantastic event platform, however isn’t the only ticket resale site. If you’re trying to sell tickets to the largest audience it is possible to find other alternatives.

StubHub is known for its expensive prices, but that doesn’t make it the ideal choice. StubHub is only one of the 9 alternatives. They can provide better customer service and cheaper tickets. It is also possible to verify that a ticket was sold. The prices are a little greater than StubHub, but that’s normal for ticket resale sites.

StubHub is another good option if you’re looking to market tickets online. StubHub lets you browse more than 10 million events throughout the world. StubHub permits you to sell tickets through a single account and setting either the price to be fixed or decreasing. It is also possible to list your tickets for sale on the web site at no cost. Remember – these websites are guaranteed authentic!


There are numerous online resale sites, however TicketNetwork is one of the most reliable. The top customer support team will be able to assist with any queries you need to ask. They also offer a 100 percent cash-back guarantee in the event that you are not satisfied with your ticket purchase. It’s also very safe and PCI-compliant. For more details, go to the Terms & Policy section on the TicketNetwork site.

TicketNetwork, a similar marketplace that is similar to eBay that sells event tickets and tickets is named TicketNetwork. Buyers of tickets can purchase them from the event’s organizers who post tickets on the website. In return for selling their tickets, ticket buyers are able to pay service, delivery, as well as transaction charges. There are some sites that demand a delivery fee from buyers dependent on the location in which they live as well as how many days they have before the event. TicketNetwork allows ticket sellers to sell tickets via their Point of Sale software.

Besides selling your tickets on TicketNetwork You can also use an app to sell your tickets. The application works with desktops and mobile phones. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to make use of. Additionally, the app allows you to sell and buy tickets in one go. Make sure you sell your tickets only in the United States only. For additional information, check out our FAQ page.

TicketNetwork is one of the top sites for buying tickets on the internet. The cost is lower than 20 percent of the cost of the ticket. This is a modest service fee and you can get an exchange within 3 days from the date of purchase. But, it is possible to purchase normal tickets, not VIP. For VIP tickets, TicketNetwork isn’t the best option. Apart from selling normal tickets, TicketNetwork offers numerous live events.

VividSeats another popular ticket resales website, is VividSeats. They offer an additional 5 percent off your second order as well as a free eighth one. So long as you’re aware of the kind of tickets you want it is worth a look. However, keep in mind that the prices are more than other services. It’s worth it for the many benefits that it gives.


It is the Razorgator ticket resale website sells tickets for a variety of events such as sporting events, concerts, and vacation packages. It’s user interface is easy to use selling and sellers pay 10% of the cost. However, there are some restrictions to the website, but. It is not well-known, does not have a good reputation , and it doesn’t provide private listing. It also has no refund or return policy.

Razorgator, an online seller of tickets began operations in 2001. The site offers tickets for various sports concerts and other events. You can purchase tickets to many shows and concerts , as well as holiday packages. Razorgator offers an app which allows you to buy tickets on mobile devices. Customers who purchase tickets may also check out the site’s reviews before buying tickets.

If you are a reseller, you have to be able meet demands of both buyers and sellers. It’s not an easy feat. It’s important to pick the best ticket resales site for your requirements. There are several online sites that sell tickets. If you’re looking for an encrypted marketplace with no fees and low ticket prices Razorgator is a great choice. Even though it’s not readily available across the globe, the support that Razorgator provides is outstanding.

Apart from its exceptional customer service, Razorgator has an in-house customer service team. They promise to mail your tickets prior to the event and that they are of equal or even better than the tickets you bought. If you are unhappy about the performance of your tickets, you’ll be able to return them for a full refund. Other benefits include a 100% refund guarantee. The team of experts can be reached to address any queries regarding Razorgator.

Live Nation

Live Nation is a live music business that is identified as a proponent of illegal ticket-selling. Secret recordings of an executive meeting reveal the plan to use a different method to bypass conventional ticket sales, and instead direct tickets to online resales sites. Live Nation would let third companies purchase tickets for a greater price, and afterwards, resell the tickets profitably. Live Nation also has a track record of shielding artists from lawsuits related to scalpers.

The resale market for tickets is growing despite Live Nation’s efforts to limit the market. One instance was where Metallica’s concert tickets were sold to scalpers, who charge exorbitant charges in exchange for services. The profits earned by ticket resellers would be returned to performers. If it were Metallica the concert promoter would take 40 percent of the earnings and would pay DiCioccio and Millette 8 and 12 percent each.

There are many factors that affect the cost of the tickets offered on ticket resale websites. There are sites that charge as low as 2.2% of the cost, while some can charge as much as 10% of the final price. But, Live Nation claims that scalping is no longer common, as the new methods of ticket sale will benefit performers more. Additionally, the resale market remains extremely profitable. This means that scalping isn’t likely to cease, but new ways of selling tickets will make the process less complicated for performers.

It is possible to find tickets by an intermediary, and in addition to online ticket resale websites. Consider using a broker if you do not have the opportunity to access a ticket broker. Ticket brokers can be helpful however, remember that they won’t be able to give you an accurate cost. Wait for tickets to increase in demand before you post them. Sellers who post tickets to multiple platforms can be penalized by some platforms.

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